Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the app?
Toilocator app can be download from Google Play Store and Apple Store
Toilocator uses your GPS location, to display the toilets near you.
No, you just have to download and install and you are good to go.
From the options, tap on the "Add Toilet" option to add a toilet. Simple move the map marker in the map preview section to where the toilet is physcically located. Add a name, and provide what all facilities that particular toilet has. And click "Add Toilet"
Its simple, just long press on a toilet and you will be prompted with three options.
1) Provide rating to a toilet
2) Update the toilet deatils
3) Report toilet is closed
Its simple, just tap once on the a toilet and then tap the naviagte icon. Navigation is based on Google Maps.
Simple, just open the app. Go to settings and check show only handicap/disabled toilets. More filters available in settings (for free, distance in miles).
No, Toilocator is a free app for now with no ads and will remain free forever.